Beyond The Lies, We'll Rise

by Anarchy13

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Burned out, broken, livin’ in a ditch Lost all my money to a government bitch Railing lines in an opium den Pissing life away and sayin’ never again They treat us like we’re 2 dollar whores They take what they want and never give more Easily controlled we’re brain-dead clones Who walk through life as consumer drones [Chorus] One over the eight
 One over the eight One over the eight And I am unthinking straight Dumbed down, ignorant, livin’ online Kids go to school with a fucking carbine My God’s right, yours is wrong And if you’re not white you don’t belong Racism and hatred defines the regime We’re all just cogs in the money machine The system’s corrupt at its core The elite get rich as the poor go to war [Chorus] Borders, religion, we’re fucking deranged Society is sick, it’s never gonna change I’ve had enough of this dictatorshit Big Brother’s here and I am sick of it Whiskey, vodka, it makes it all clear Fuck right off with that shitty craft beer There’s three more hours till last call Gonna wait right here for the bombs to fall [Chorus]
Enemy of the state Architect of social hate Passing laws that subjugate And force us to our knees Sitting on their fucking thrones Using proles as stepping stones Authority’s the cornerstone Of a system that’s diseased [Chorus] Vote for me you will be Blinded by the flag Vote for me you’ll be free To fill a body bag Vote for me it’s democracy I got a dog to wag Vote for me and you will see It’s all fascist bullshit Enemy of the state Use opioids to sedate Doublespeak to obfuscate And keep the mob naïve The government has taken sides Human rights are nullified Spreading lies to divide And impede and deceive [Chorus] Enemy of the state Architect of social hate Enforcing laws to subjugate And purify the breed The seeds of fate have been sown Voters are all mindless drones Politicians are fucking clones The system is diseased!
Fuck the war on drugs We need a war on stupid Welcome to the world of alternative facts No real doctors just alternative quacks Dinner is just fries and big macs Our children are all killed by anti-vax hacks [Chorus] World War Stupid Oi Oi Families on opioids and prozac Cops killing kids because they’re black Television news is just corporate crap Used to deny climate change impact [Chorus] [Break] This Idiocracy is draining us This Kakistocracy is killing us Our hypocrisy is destroying us “Duh”mocracy is using us There is no safe way off this bus It’s going off a cliff and it’s taking us down Our freedom of speech is under attack The system takes our money, gives nothing back We live day to day fighting for the scraps Dropped by some fucking megalomaniacs [Chorus]
Censorshit 01:57
Who are these people telling me What I can and cannot read? Who gave them the authority To sterilise life and history? They dropped the iron curtain on knowledge and freedom of speech From sex and drugs to rock n roll The truth is out of reach. [Chorus] Censorshit We’ve let the State become a god And opinions have been outlawed Now no one really gives a fuck That PC fascists are burning books I watched the system take my vote And my privacy and all hope But they will not silence me Cuz words, words are free. [Chorus]
Political power is from the barrel of a gun They’re taking your freedoms one by one It’s time to take a step towards being free Get off your ass and turn off the TV [Chorus] This ain’t the time for armchair anarchy 
 Get off your ass, you need to fucking bleed The truth alone will never set you free It’s time to stand against authority When you think for yourself, they call it heresy Religion’s nothing more than induced insanity Propaganda simply is the tool of the liar It markets you an eden while the world's on fire [Chorus] Voting for your tyrant doesn’t make you free And complaining online won’t change reality Power attracts the worst and corrupts the best It destroys everything til there’s less than nothing left [Chorus]
Authoritarians in their blue-blood posse Push the buttons of the Government Nazis It’s democrazy on amphetamines They exploit the system by any means Social hatred’s on a spindle They cut our throats with political riddles They’re nothing more than Capitalist whores Who reap the benefits of corrupt wars [Chorus] Delete the elite Power to the people Delete the elite No World War sequel Delete the elite Gotta resist ‘em Delete the elite Fuck the system! We’re living on an anaemic edge As the ruling class drives the wedge So wrap yourself tight with knowledge And hope that freedom can still be salvaged It’s time to fight what you abhor And kill the cancer at its core Depose the tyrant that wears the crown And break the chains that keep you down. [Chorus]
What will you do when your rights are gone When you’ve got no freedom, no legs to stand on A dystopian world where nothing will grow It’s time to murder the status quo [Chorus] Smash, smash, smash the state Stand your ground and emancipate Demand your rights to equality We can’t be free under a fascist authority Fuck the borders and fuck their laws I won’t be defined by the lines they draw Fuck the norms and their preconceptions Fuck the state and its oppression [Chorus] We don’t need leaders, We don’t need to be told Fuck their rules we won’t be controlled I’ll die on my feet not live on my knees Smash the state because we are free [Chorus]
It’s time to give a damn The new world order is no longer a scam Willing slaves to the system
 It’s time to stop playing the victim [Chorus] Capitalism, Capitalism It’s the new despotism Capitalism, Capitalism It’s Global fast food terrorism Destroy the ignorance Gotta let go of the indifference Fuck their lies and fuck their greed (It’s) Time to make the rich man bleed Come on! Can I get fries with my oppression? [Chorus]
The Gub’mint sux And that’s a fact They take our money Give nothing back The Gub’mint sux All lies and deceit That knife in your back Is from Wall Street [Chorus] Fascism has taken control It’s on a shooting spree Our borders are now prison walls We’re on our fucking knees Revolution is a brick It's time to smash the state Fuck the government It’s reached its expiration date The Gub’mint sux Religion and state Both rape our kids And there’s no debate The Gub’mint sux They divide us all Start a race war And build a wall [Chorus] The Gub’mint sux Suppress free will They give us guns And praise the kill The Gub’mint sux Keep us numb Opiods for all Under pharma's thumb [Chorus]
If you’d open your eyes, and then open your door You would see we’re living in Orwell’s eighty-four We make the problems, and we know the cause But something’s on TV, there’s no time for laws [Chorus] Are we just sheep? Nothing but meat Under the feet Of the elite You ever ask why they don’t ever help the poor? They need all those kids to send off to their wars To fight for their oil, and to fight for their cause To fight for their right to rewrite the laws [Chorus] [Chorus] They answer to no one, they’re out of control Money and power, that’s all they extol They’re tapping our phones; they’re reading our mail They’ve taken our lives and they put ‘em up for sale [Chorus]
The bottle in front of me Is my frontal lobotomy At six am I go to work To get bossed around by some fucking jerk The people ‘round me are full of shit They lie and they cheat and I’m sick of it Fuck this job and fuck this town It’s time for a bottle of triple crown [Chorus] Pass that whiskey bottle
And pour another shot The bottle in front of me Is my frontal lobotomy I think of life and how I’m jaded And how I want to stay obliterated So now I’m sitting at the bar Drinking whiskey from a jar I put out my last cigarette And shoot up in front of the TV set [Chorus]


BEYOND THE LIES, WE'LL RISE is the second full length studio album by ANARCHY13. Recorded in Banská Bystricá, Slovakia at J.A.M.S. (Just Another Motherfucking Studio) and mixed and mastered in Moscow, Russian Federation, BTLWR is a massive follow-up to the 2016 album READ BETWEEN THE LIES. Once again, it is a completely 100% DIY effort on the behalf of the members of ANARCHY13 and other guest musicians.


released January 29, 2020

ANARCHY13 : Beyond the Lies, We’ll Rise
Produced by Uzeless Rekordz and ANARCHY13
Executive Producers: J.D. Anarchy and Uzeless Rekordz
Music and Lyrics © Copyright 2015 - 2020

All music and lyrics written by J.D. Anarchy
Except :
Music for “N1ne9een 8ighty 4our” by Dwiki Yoenarso and J.D. Anarchy
Solo on tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12 by Filip Pomajbiš
Bass guitar on tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12 by Samuel Bizoň (The Link)

ANARCHY13 is : J.D. Anarchy

Featuring Musicians :
Bass guitar on tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12 by Samuel Bizoň (The Link)
Third guitar on “All I Need Is Booze And Broads (and Rock n Roll)” by Filip Pomajbiš
Solos on tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12 by Filip Pomajbiš
Drums on “World War Stupid” and “You and Me (and her makes three)” by: Edo Pedrico (Total Poseur)
Bass on “You and Me (and her makes three)” by Dwiki Yoenarso

All tracks recorded at J.A.M.S. (Just Another Motherfucking Studio) in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
Except :
“You and Me (and her makes three)” recorded in Tangerang, Indonesia

Mixing and Mastering by J.A.M.S. (Just Another Motherfucking Studio) in Moscow, Russia

Album cover design by : J.D. Anarchy

Twitter @anarchy13punk

Special thanks (in no particular order) to : Samuel Bizoň, Nikki Samek, Filip Pomajbiš, Adam Laššak (for live shows), Marek Michalko, Edo Pedrico, Dwiki Yoenarso, Bobby Budiarto, Made Press, Dang Dut, Potbelly, P.I.G. Records (USA), David Portnow, Don Irwin, Jason Robert Rodger, Ian Dares, Brendan Bane, Heila Tanissan, Stefanie Herbstová, Abdelrazak Bouali, Jozef Seberíni (Krtko), Michal Valčuha, Adam Knoth, Juraj Bolf, Rasto Skrinar and Klub77 (Banská Bystrica, Slovakia), Richard Porteleky, Adiutama Gurnawijaya, Andrea DoMinhová, Marek Školuda, Michal Mojžiš, Milan Kováč, Radovan Oravkin, Dominik Sabov, Matúš Dobrík, Vladimir Acid (Vovčik), Princ Vojter, Samuel Bilanin, Lukas Palatinus, Cascabel (Lukas, Mato, Izak, Tomas), Toy Pištols, Adelaide, Reunion (Rock Reunion), Rozpor, Cheap Talk, everyone involved in the Indonesian and Slovak punk scenes, and so many more. Love and respect to all.

URCD #0005

© & ℗ 2020 Uzeless Rekordz
Unauthorised duplication is a violation of applicable laws.
But, honestly, if you you share this with your friends, that’s cool with us.


all rights reserved



Anarchy13 Slovakia

ANARCHY13 is a 3-piece punk band originally formed in 2010 as a side project by frontman J.D. Anarchy, vocalist of Citizen Useless.

Anarchy13’s lyrics are largely political & endure to spread knowledge & inspiration for people to fight for freedom from fascism, oppression, racism, and inequality. The band & its members are strong believers in the D.I.Y. ethos.
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