Read Between The Lies

by Anarchy13

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Class War 01:55
War is brewin’ on the streets, for social equality Human need over corporate greed we’re not a commodity They keep the public ignorant, through lies on CNN The capitalist dream is a pyramid scheme and we’re their ATM Class War They infringe upon our rights, and force us to our knees Manipulate the working class with strategic poverty Divide us through the media, and prey upon our fears The ruling class can kiss my ass (we) don’t need the millionaires Class War Hold dinners for the rich, give wars to the poor Then thank ‘em for their service and show ‘em to the door It’s time to tear it down, the system has been bought Those glitterati snobbish cunts should be taken out and shot There’s no war but a class war It’s time to make a stand
2. 02:52
All Cops Are Bastards They hide behind their gun All Cops Are Bastards They’re cowards and they’re scum All Cops Are Bastards They’ll shoot you in the back All Cops Are Bastards They’re megalomaniacs Where there is false justice There can be no peace Let’s take back our streets Fuck the fucking Police! All Cops Are Bastards They’ll take your sovereignty All Cops Are Bastards They’re a corrupt authority All Cops Are Bastards Know your civil rights All Cops Are Bastards Subjugation has it’s price
Congregation on your knees The infidel’s the new disease I acquiesce to an illusive truth The voice in my head wants to kill you Die... For my god For his pride Don’t care why My god wants you dead God’s an ego with a gun Dirty bombs for the chosen one My tainted soul is up for sale It’s time you die for the fairy tale My god wants you dead
It’s time to kill the rich It’s time to make ‘em pay It’s time to go to war And have our fucking say They own our homes They own the banks They own the cops And the ballot box It’s time to kill the rich It’s time, to unite It’s time to make a stand Raise our fists and fight They run the schools They pull the strings They use the flag To fill those body bags Kill the rich Take back our homes Shut down the banks Jail all the cops Fuck the ballot box Take back our schools Cut all the strings Burn all the flags Cuz life has no price tag
How long have we been under their thumb Oppressed, repressed, at the end of their gun Fed the lie of patriotism Caught in the lie of nationalism The borders of the world are now our prisons Trapped by war, lies, and religion It’s time for a revolution Riot in the streets the only solution The merry go round is broken down The strings have all been snapped The merry go round is broken down They’re in their corner trapped The merry go round is broken down It’s time for our attack The merry go round is broken down The merry go round is broken down For too long we let our freedom slip through Stiff little fingers and a mind subdued Let the rich make all the decisions Close our minds to all opinions The time has come to shut the machine down Our liberty rots under broken crowns It’s time for a civil war We won’t bow to you no more
Stand against authority, stand against bullshit When they try to knock you down, refuse to fucking sit Stand and fight Sink or swim Never give in Fuck the system Fuck the fascists Fuck their ethics Fuck the church It’s gone septic Where there is a government, you cannot be free Where there is religion, you’ll never truly see Don’t listen to your parents, they’re from an age of fools Refuse to be oppressed, fuck their goddamn rules
She lives her own life, she don’t need a man She’s a fucking bitch, but she don’t give a damn With her black flag T-shirt , and her torn up jeans A nihlist and deviant, she’s a punk rock Queen I’m in love with a Bandung girl Eyes on fire and skin like pearls I’m in love with a Bandung girl With a single look she gets my motor runnin’ Like a fuckin’ car crash, she gets my heart a pumpin’ When she talks to me, yeah, I go suicidal Just one touch from her, is motherfucking primal She goes her own way, she don’t take no shit Tell her it’s impossible, she will never quit She takes what she wants, she answers to none And if you double cross her,yeah, you’d better fucking run
Get on your knees and worship the state The promise of equality is nothing but bait They own the ballots and they own your choice The illusion of freedom and the illusion of voice Does anybody smell fascism? Shut your mouth and do as your told Give up your stripes and fit in the mold Sit on your hands, repeat after me “There’s a camera in my head, but I am still free” Does anybody smell fascism? They created a world where money is God Rescind our rights and we fucking applaud They Privatized water and cut down the trees We threaten to protest but go home to TV Does anybody smell fascism? The core of government is the lies they endorse If you want freedom, take it by force You are submissive, a dog being wagged It’s time to revolt and raise the black flag
Don't Think 02:27
Don’t think Question nothing Stand by your masters As they press your buttons Don’t think Remain docile You’re just a whore In a rich man’s brothel Don’t think You’ll hurt yourself Don’t think Just kiss some ass Don’t forget you belong To the ruling class Don’t think Fit into the mold You’re just a link in the machine so do what you’re told Don’t think Just consume The war machine coming And no one’s immune Don’t think Get on your knees Freedom of thought is a lethal disease
Raging Hate 03:19
Raging Hate, you are the seed That bred a punk like me I once followed but now I lead Walked blind, but now, I see You keep the public lost in fear Then take away our rights Call it caution, it’s insincere You’re playing with loaded dice We stand against your fascist rule (and) We fight for social change We are not sheep, we’re not your tools We broke those fucking chains You try to tell us what to say Police our thoughts and speech We will not kneel, we won’t obey We are true to anarchy And as the rich wage their wars We tune up our guitars They’re the problem, we are the cure This fucking world is ours We are the punks, we are the skins We keep the system down We eat the rich who live like Kings We shit upon your crown
You say that we’re not good enuff You say that we’re not cool enuff You say that we’re not tough enuff Then tell us to obey You say that we’re not smart enuff You say that we’re not thin enuff You say that we’re not worthy and Then tell us go away We don’t care You say that we don’t think enuff You say that we don’t know enuff You say we don’t conform enuff You say we rock the boat You say that we’re not pure enuff You say that we’re not wise enuff You say we don’t play our parts You say we’ve sold out
Alcoholiday 02:41
Look around you, the system’s flawed We wage war for oil and fake Gods, Can you hear the corporations applaud? Religious beheadings and fascist plots The haves take it all from the have nots We watch FOX News while our freedom rots I’m going on an alcoholiday Gonna crawl into this bottle in front of me Gonna drink til I got a gin lobotomy I’m going on an alcoholiday Oh yeah… Yes I am! We Live in a world seven billion strong Where everyone’s right but everyone’s wrong And all of our humanity’s gone Repressed and oppressed in our education Racism, religion, indoctrination I think it’s time for a whiskey vacation


READ BETWEEN THE LIES is the first full length studio album by ANARCHY13. Recorded in Tangerang, Indonesia at J.A.M.S. (Just Another Motherfucking Studio), RBTL is a completely D.I.Y. album in respect that it was designed, written, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by the members of Anarchy13.

Tragically, three days after the album was finally finished being recorded, drummer Total Poseur was killed in a motorcycle accident and didn't get to hear the finished product. This album is a tribute to all the hard work of the band members, former and current and is being released in dedication to Total Poseur (Edo Pedrico). He will never be forgotten.
In memory of
Edo Pedrico
(December 17, 1981 - May 10, 2016)

On May 10th, while on his way to band practice, Edo Pedrico (A.K.A. Total Poseur) was killed in a motorcycle accident. He left behind a legacy of pure brotherhood, commitment, honour, and a massive following of friends who felt an intense sorrow with his sudden passing. Edo was a dedicated and talented musician, a trustworthy friend, and a loving son and brother who would always put others ahead of himself. Aside from being the drummer in ANARCHY13, he also performed with prog-metal band GHAUST, as well as filling in on guitar for Kelawar Malam on occasion. His love of music, especially ska and punk, allowed him to blend styles and ideas into a sound he could call his own. We could never have asked for a better drummer, but most of all, we could never have asked for a better friend. You will be missed Edo, but in the music on this album, you will live forever.
ANARCHY13 would like to thank the Pedrico family, Pamulang crew, All the Indonesian punks who have supported us, Rumah Pirata, Pyrate Punx, ALE, Message From Jessica, Loading, Buddy Bully, TAKE, fatrace, rhetoric states, dirty ass, Superman is Dead, devildice, seringai, The Spikeweed, Dirtwaves, Nutmeg, Posh Decay (USA), High Heels Lo Fi (canada), POTBELLY, (USA) P.I.G. Records (USA), Strength Approach, Rejected kids, cat And Dog, Beatrix, Ghaust, Kelelawar Malam, Adrian Adioetomo, Enam Sembilan, Detected Overall, Psychoville (Singapore), Flying Fortress (Singapore), Billy The Klits, Jollyty Joy, Bawling Warden, Bandit 88, Ex Bastard, The Gorgets Punk Lady, Sex Without Souls (canada), and so many more. Love and respect to all.


released July 25, 2016

All music written by ANARCHY13
Music and Lyrics © Copyright 2015
Produced by Uzeless Rekordz + ANARCHY13
Executive Producers: J.D. Anarchy and Uzeless Rekordz
Mixing and Mastering by J.A.M.S. (Just Another Motherfucking Studio) Tangerang, Indonesia

Additional Drums on track 11 by Noel Sadrakh (DRAKO)

Album cover by: J.D. Anarchy
Album back cover layout by: J.D. Anarchy
Album Back Cover Art by: Edo Pedrico

Twitter @anarchy13punk

Anarchy13 is:
J.D. ANARCHY (vocals/Guitar)

URCD #0004

© & ℗ 2016 Uzeless Rekordz
Unauthorised duplication is a violation of applicable laws.
But, honestly, if you you share this with your friends, that’s cool with us.


all rights reserved



Anarchy13 Slovakia

ANARCHY13 is a 3-piece punk band originally formed in 2010 as a side project by frontman J.D. Anarchy, vocalist of Citizen Useless.

Anarchy13’s lyrics are largely political & endure to spread knowledge & inspiration for people to fight for freedom from fascism, oppression, racism, and inequality. The band & its members are strong believers in the D.I.Y. ethos.
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